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Embodying the Light of Oneness

Unfolding the True Human


Of the many articles and manuscripts that have been sent to me over the years, DAWNING STAR, A LIGHT BODY PATH ( the original title for Embodying the Light of Oneness) stands out in many ways. It is dedicated to the mission of
Archangel Michael and was clearly inspired by him. If you are seeking wholeness and integration in body, mind and Spirit, this is the web course for you. It is filled with love, wisdom and invaluable information. I highly recommend this course for your library of spiritual studies.

Ronna Herman, Internationally known author/lecturer. Author of ON WINGS OF LIGHT, THE GOLDEN PROMISE AND THE METAPHYSICAL TRILOGY, ONCE UPON A NEW WORLD.

Email: RonnaStar@earthlink.net | Web Site: www.RonnaStar.com

Embodying the Light of Oneness is an invitation into wholeness while shining practical light on the path. Each chapter quickens our own knowing with the impeccable language of what is true as we begin to remember what our heart has always known. Indeed, we are reminded that we have everything we need and that by allowing ourselves, over and over again, to be just the way we are, we begin to increase our awareness and the freedom to make choices that bring us into alignment with the love we are meant to be.

Michele La Croix

Sukie Colegrave speaks of spontaneously acting in harmony with the highest good without being governed by external forces such as the government or our own internal “shoulds.” Although this may initially appear impossible, given most of our cultural conditioning, practicing Sukie’s exercises may offer a first-hand experience of the Divine within enough to begin the process of relinquishing ego control and moving gracefully through life inspired by what she refers to as the Light of Oneness. It may be difficult to surrender and trust without that experience, so I encourage whoever feels stirred in the slightest to read her book in its entirety. The path of love is pointed to in many different ways, helping all of us humans to hear in the way we can to finally translate what we say we want (to live from a place of love) into action.

Her beauty-and-the-beast analogy hits home for me. It is not just about loving our beastliness but also about accepting it unconditionally. When we can feel at complete ease with all facets of ourselves, the effect ripples beyond… allowing us all to finally embody the Oneness we’ve always shared but may not have realized. We are told by Sukie, or perhaps reminded, that we need not “work” on ourselves… we only need to allow ourselves.

The time has come. It is now. We no longer have to suffer. Sukie helps us see this with the elegance and poise of a skilled tai chi master. We are fortunate to have someone such as she, who clearly has no motive other than to tell us the truth of who we are, to remind us that we are beings intended to give and receive causeless love.

Oneness’ existence is duality’s absence. To embody Oneness is, perhaps, a blessing bestowed…where we no longer aspire to live from the causeless nature of love, because we are the causeless love itself. It is there Sukie points, beyond our best-of-intentioned concepts. It is there that the natural, ungoverned rhythm of life, that already dances around and through us, is finally embodied by us organically with complete ease, surrender and acceptance.

Sukie points to Truth using her most sincere expression through words. My sense is, through practical stepping stones she offers to guide us there, if we stay with it, we, too, will wake up one day and notice we have arrived where we all belong: in our shared home of Oneness. From there, we will give our fullest inherent gifts to all that is. Sukie shares good news. There is no “other shoe to drop.” Yes, we are all One. What a relief.

Leslie Brandon Shay

I first read an earlier version of this book nearly ten years ago. To this day it remains as one of the most challenging studies I have taken on–not in terms of intellectual density, for it is written with clarity and simplicity while retaining emotional depths. The spiritual practices suggested throughout brought me time and again to the bare, naked truth of who I am, of what I must surrender to live in the fullness of my potential, and yet, along with the rigor of the spiritual call in Embodying the Light, there is overflowing compassion for the not-so-perfect. The present version is now richly illustrated and the text expanded, providing what could be a source book to
be studied and practiced for years to come.

By Leonard Worley, Ph.D. (Charlottesville, VA)

This is a profound journey through many aspects of ourselves, and while it offers deeply inspiring writing, it is also grounded in the experiential through the meditative practices that are included. It is a book I refer to again and again at different moments in my life and always find it hugely helpful.

Laura Moorehead

I had a chance to read an earlier version of Embodying the Light of Oneness ten years ago, and I see it on the market as a sign of hope for others, welcoming them to this journey towards truth. It has been one of the three most influential books I have read over the past decade. (The others were Quantum Theology: Spiritual Implications of the New Physics, by Diarmuid O’Murchu, and The Field: Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, by Lynne McTaggart.) It was important for me, a trained scientist, to see the unity between science and spirituality before I could fully embrace a spiritual journey, and the combined understanding of these three books fulfilled that need.

A “heads up” at the very beginning: a spiritual path can be spoken of only in the language of the mystic, that is, using terms that cannot be described adequately in a dictionary. Despite the obvious challenges imposed by this requirement, the reader will find that the text of this book is

clearly written and accessible. The Introduction may be challenging for those unfamiliar with the Light of Oneness, but I encourage you to stick with it as the concept becomes more meaningful. In all, this book is a valuable tool for those dedicated to and willing to succumb to transformation from a life of separate ego consciousness to the truth of the Light of Oneness and the awareness that all is One.

The clarity of the writing can fool the reader into thinking, “Ok: I’ve got it,” but Sukie Colegrave addresses not only the understanding of the mind but also the immensely deeper wisdom of the inner Self. The clarity of her writing belies the richness and density of the truths she is presenting. Each paragraph could well serve as the topic of a daily teaching, gradually unfolding to deeper and deeper understanding. The text is, moreover, supplemented by Plays, which are exercises at the end of each of the Passages, or chapters. The Plays are an important part of this spiritual journey.

Day-by-day I, an impatient American, get frustrated at seeing in myself little of the fruit of this journey, but over the years it has yielded a richness I can only be humbly grateful for. I hope for the same journey for you.

Dorothy S. Luciano