Embodying the Light of Oneness

Unfolding the True Human

Individual and Group Sessions

Sukie Colegrave is available for individual and group sessions to facilitate awakening into and embodying Oneness.

Individual sessions are available by phone or in person.
Since each person’s awakening into Oneness is a unique process, reflecting his/her own journey of awakening to and embodying Oneness, the nature and content of these sessions reflect and respect the relationship between the individual’s conscious and unconsciousness together with Sukie Colegrave’s inner guidance around what is most needing to be heard, felt and seen by that individual to facilitate his/her awakening into Oneness.
Individual Sessions are offered free of charge. Financial donations are gratefully received.

Group Sessions are offered around a number of themes integral to the process of awakening into and embodying the Light of Oneness. These sessions include teaching, guided meditations to facilitate experience and embodiment of the teachings, and individual work within the group to address and facilitate individual awakening.
Some of the themes offered in group sessions are
1. Accessing and embodying the Light of Oneness
2. Cosmic heart
3. Acceptance as the beginning and the end of our journey home.
4. Self Love as the precondition of awakening into Oneness

Please Contact Us to schedule either a group or an individual session and for information around cost of Group sessions. Thank you.