Awakening the Heart of Oneness: a free audio meditation
created and spoken by Sukie Colegrave
background music …. Aniron by Enya

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The audio meditation begins with an overview of the nature and process of transforming our emotional body, with all its wounds, hungers, pains, desires and attachments, into the one heart of All That Is, the heart of unconditional love and divine intelligence.
The audio meditation then offers a guided meditation to facilitate this transformation of emotional body into the heart of oneness.  It offers an experience of the three central passages that allow the drama of the emotional body, born from the illusion of separation, to remember itself as the one heart of All That Is, and, thereby, experience and express itself as unconditional Love.The first passage unfolds through acceptance into our heart every emotion, feeling, thought and sensation that arises into consciousness just the way it is, without any attempt to fix, heal, change, mentally process or deny the experience. As we practice this complete acceptance we find ourselves naturally replacing reaction with authentic response.The second passage occurs as we embrace and allow the light of oneness, the light of awareness, to shine into each feeling, sensation and emotion that we embrace into consciousness. As this happens we experience the light of oneness gradually healing our emotional wounds. We experience the suffering inherent in the illusion of separation from the heart of oneness being replaced by peace, fullness, unconditional love and wholeness. We awaken to the realization that our heart needs no one and nothing for its experience of love. For Love is who it is. Love is who we are.The third passage of the heart’s healing into wholeness occurs as we awaken to the limitless nature of the heart. Our heart no longer feels separate from anyone or anything. Instead we experience our heart as the one heart of All That Is. and, thereby, spontaneously experience the other as our Self. As this happens we find ourselves awakening to the intelligence of this one heart that we are; and, thereby, increasingly able to hear, trust and follow the guidance of the heart.


The Heart of Oneness: a free audio meditation for unfolding lightbody


or to download to your computer right click the link and select “Save As/Save Link As” >>

 Heart of Oneness Download


The invitation and opportunity of this time is for us to relinquish the suffering of ego separation and awaken into the peace, wisdom and causeless love of unity consciousness. Central to this transformation of consciousness is our willingness to unfold our heart of oneness and our lightbody.

This free audio guided meditation offers a doorway into this awakening. There are, of course, many other doorways, offered by other spiritual teachers and traditions. Please trust your intuition and inner guidance around which practices you incorporate into your life.

Please find a comfortable place to sit with your spine as upright as feels good to you. Please do not drive or operate any machinery while doing this meditation.

Music by Thaddeus from LuminEssence Productions at


Awakening our One Humanity

A guided meditation to facilitate our awakening into Oneness and realizing our one humanity, known by some as the Great White Dove – the one human being whose cells are individual human beings and whose body is the Earth.

Guided Meditation spoken by Sukie Colegrave

Video created by Bob Vogelsang

Musical background – Eniron by Enya

Our profound gratitude to the Earth, to nature and to all those whose photographs have contributed to this video.

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