Embodying the Light of Oneness

Unfolding the True Human

About Sukie Colegrave


Sukie Colegrave dedicates her life, work and play to the unfolding and embodiment of unity consciousness and our one heart of causeless love.

Throughout her daily life, in her relating, meditating, writing, individual and group work, her focus is on embodying the Light of All that Is through oneness with our greater body the Earth, with our one divine heart, and with the wisdom of the Light.

Her life and work reflect the two fold nature of the ascension process – the descent into and acceptance of the dark, wounded and forgotten pockets of body and soul, together with the deepening our oneness with the Earth; and the ascent of consciousness and embodiment of the Light, Love and Creativity of the Light of All That Is.

While profoundly inspired and indebted to the insights and teachings of the Christian mystics, Rudolf Steiner, Taoism, the oneness teachings of Sri AmmaBhagavan, and Carl Jung, among many others, her primary teachers and guides have always communicated with her on the inner planes. One of her principal teachers is the Archangel Michael consciousness.

Sukie Colegrave is also a certified Oneness Trainer from the Oneness University in India. See http://www.onenessuniversity.org

She is the author of “Uniting Heaven and Earth”, published by Tarcher, “By Way of Pain; a passage into Self”, published by Inner Traditions, and “Embodying the Light of Oneness: Unfolding the True Human”, available on kindle and through this website.

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